From asp:UpdatePanel to a Angular implementation

This post was in draft mode from around a year back when I started out with Angular. But thought I'd publish it now than never. They do say "better late than never" :).

I was working on porting a .NET UserControl which used an asp:UpdatePanel to an Angular implementation and the following are some of the resources I used. A reminder for myself as much as a list for others.


Why move from asp:UpdatePanel?

With the ViewState switched on, the page was a whopping 21.6 MB. The Angular implementation brought it down to 300 KB and increased the response time drastically.

The resources:

  1. Intro to Angular (with some cool videos and tasks)
  2. The Angular JS Website
  3. Using RESTful web services with Angular
  4. Interceptors on calls$http#interceptors
  5. Enable DELETE on IIS
  6. Adding a busy indicator

This article was originally written on Google's Blogger platform and ported to Hashnode on 17 Sep 2022.