Melbourne Umbracian Meetup - March 2015

Melbourne Umbracian Meetup - March 2015

Last evening's Melbourne Umbracian Meetup was a success with two presenters giving insights into Umbraco, it's history and cool things to do.

We had Aaron Powell giving a presentation on the Umbraco History, some of his opinions on Umbraco and a demo on Chauffeur for deploying changes across environments.

Then Peter Gregory got on stage with his demo of using Umbraco Data Types within the Umbraco Custom Sections (on Umbraco 7.2.x).
Peter went on to show how Angular code was wired up to use user defined Umbraco data types in the back-office without creating them from scratch. In the live demo Peter showed how the Rich Text Editor and the Grid Control could be used in a custom section. Peter has promised a blog post on this in the near future.
For now keep watching his blog -

During the meetup and our Pizza break there were more discussions around the following topics:

Thanks to Robert Foster for organising this event and for the guys at Roadhouse Digital for providing the venue.

Hopefully, we'll see more Melbourne Umbracians in the coming meetups...

If words are not enough to impress you - see this from (Thanks Aaron!)

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