Printing an UCommerce Invoice from the Back-office

Printing an UCommerce Invoice from the Back-office

Photo by Mark König on Unsplash

Ever printed an UCommerce Invoice off the Umbraco (v 7.5.10) back-office?
Well if you have, this is what you get:

A jumbled-up version of an invoice


How do you go about getting a property formatted version with minimal changes?

Create a Umbraco plug-in and add the following files in App_Plugins/PrettyPrint folder. This tutorial on creating a property editor is a good start.

Add a Umbraco PrettyPrint plug-in

The package.manifest file:

  "css": [

The print.css file:

@media print {
    div#leftcolumn {
        display: none;

The Pretty-print version


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